This is the last call for any of your members for CSEA’s class action grievance:

If you have members who performed DOL, DOH or DHSES as OVERTIME ONLY during March, April, May or June of 2020:   But are employed by an agency which is NOT DOL, DOH or DHSES, AND whose salary grade for their title is a Grade 10 or above, BUT was only compensated for their out-of-title OT at a salary grade 9.


Name of the employee, title, agency, dates and number of hours of OT performed if they have their timecards (at least the dates if not the hours of OT would be helpful).

CSEA has a grievance at Triage, and is contemplating filing a lawsuit, so we are making our last solicitation for grievants.

Due to the Covid pandemic we are unable to process the college grant at this time.We will be working in it soon and will post further details.

Our dear friend Lynn Judd passed away June 20th 2020. She was a great asset to the 003 and as such we are honoring her with 3 memorial trees so others can be reminded of her dedication to not only are members within the local 003 but the local itself. She will be truly missed.

UPDATE: All CSEA members should have their payroll checks deposited as of 4/1/20 and available today 4/2/20. If this is not the case please contact the BSC. If you are in need of further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Local officers.

WNYCOSH COVID-19 Worker Benefit Guidebook FINAL

 We are currently looking into providing PPE (personal protection equipment) to out local 003 represented members within the health care field, specifically the Batavia Vetrans home as they are currently working with subpar and/or a shortage of such equipment, updates to follow.

Local 003 is offering a scholarship this year to its members and or dependents. Specifics will be outlined in May in regard to requirements to be met. First, second and third prizes will be offered. All Local officers and their dependents will be excluded from this scholarship program.

We thank you for your patience.

Stay Union, Stay Strong!

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