To All:

 The Governor signed Chapter 465 of the laws of 2017 on December 18, 2017.

The Staffing Services Division of the NYS Department of Civil Service just released Policy Bulletin 2018-02 (see attached), which explains the details. Although the Staffing Services Department of Civil Service applies only to NYS Executive Branch Employees who work for NYS executive branch agencies this legislation is applicable to all public sector employers including those not specifically mentioned as long as they participate in the NYS and Local government Employees Retirement system or the NYS Teacher’s Retirement System.

 Essentially Sections 159b which provided leave for Breast Cancer Screening was amended by elimination the reference to “Breast Cancer” and addition of the reference to “Cancer”. Intending to apply to all types of cancer.

 Also Section 159c which applied specifically to “Prostate Cancer” was repealed.

Public Sector employees within the NYS and local governments, under this newly revised section of Law, are, effective March 18, 2018, entitled to a maximum of 4 hours (including travel time) per year for Cancer screening. This time is not cumulative.

Employees may be required to submit documentation proving that the leave was used for cancer screening (Blood tests, Mammography, prostate exam, x-rays, ultrasounds etc.

Cancer screening after hours or on pass days or holidays are not eligible.

The former provisions of 159b and 159c remain in effect until March 17, 2018.

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Donald J. Kelly

Deputy Director

Contract Administration/Research

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